Thursday, June 26, 2008

See you soon...

... little sister!

Our second little snail-catcher will be born on or about November 12. And since we already know what she'll be wearing (the boxes of baby girl clothes in storage) the only questions remain:

1. Will she have Guy's brown eyes?
2. Will she have Lucy's big feet? or,
3. Will she have Alice's silly dance moves?

Don't be shy!

A 2.84 cm foot (don't worry - there is another one)

That tiny foot scratching an even smaller nose!


Pascale D. said...

On avait entendu la nouvelle via les ondes de St-Pierre... mais on attendait la confirmation!!!
BRAVO!!! FÉLICITATIONS!!!! On est tellement heureux pour vous, pour Alice. Si Alice est aussi contente que Simonne, vous allez être aux anges!!!! C'est la plus belle chose que d'agrandir sa famille.
Portez-vous bien, et franchement on est bien dû pour se voir!!!
gros bisous à vous tous
Pascale Eric Simonne
(Agathe 34½ semaines)

Anonymous said...

Oh happy me! When I first saw the little red wagon for two, my brain went into overdrive, and it's hard work paid off. I was right, I'll be a great aunt once again. Woo hoo. Felicitations a tous. I don't know if meme will be able to handle so much wee love. LOL.
Much love to all

Anonymous said...

Hey, congratulations! Another second cousin for our kids.

kendor said...

félicitation guy pour la deuxième petite crevete. On est pas mal proche car ma blonde va accoucher le 26 novembre ;) What a timing