Saturday, April 21, 2012


I was sort of expecting a red dashed line on the ground...

Still the number one industry. Gabon has set aside 10% of its surface to protected parks.

A drill road.


The capital of Gabon is called Libreville (Freedomville) because as France and English ships would capture American slave ships, they would free the slaves at this point.

 Look closely.

 You don't want to find this in your boot.

From this planet?

Daytime bat swarm.

Worth a closer look. The Black Mamba has a very bad reputation.

This was in the Schweitzer museum, an Austrian renaissance man (musician, artist, medical doctor, author) who built a hospital in the middle of the jungle. He dealt with the most bizarre and often easily treated ailments with "modern" medicine.
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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Well, that makes sense.

This evening we were discussing mandrills, the brightly coloured primate which lives in Gabon, where Guy has recently visited. I mentioned that the male mandrill had the most vibrant colors, and Estelle said: "The ladydrill is just brown and boring".

Sounds like she might have a future in taxonomy!

Monday, April 09, 2012


Guy waiting with the girls for his taxi to the airport.
Have a great trip and don't forget to Skype!
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Easter Sunday was a nice afternoon so we hitched up the bikes for the first time and went for a neighborhood ride... straight to our new home. Played in the park  and scouted out the backyard, trying to figure out how we will landscape to make it look a little more cohesive. Right now it's a cross between a manicured golf green and a ravine on the dark side of Machu Picchu.


Last summer for the biker trailer - Estelle's head is pressing on the bug net.

Previous visit to the house. Estelle's wondering when we're going back to L.A.
(Léa, en passant - se sont tes lunettes de soleil qu'on a trouvé dans le petit manteau mauve. J'espère que tu avais une autre paire pour Disney!)
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We've been pretty slack about taking photos of this little one, but she really is spectacular. We spent Easter with Katherine, Ben, Olivia and Emma, and had the chance to spend more time with all of them. Lucy stole Emma away a few times and even made her giggle - an Auntie's pride!
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You know I'm cool

All she's missing is a cigarette stuck in the frets, leather pants and a nose ring... We've got about 10 years to spare (but you know I'll be begging and bribing to avoid a single cigarette)

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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Morning Dance Party

The morning routine usually involves us asking them to get dressed 30 to 500 times, with half naked dancing, and story telling in between. Today the dressing was over with rather quickly which left time for some blog worthy dancing.