Saturday, April 21, 2012


I was sort of expecting a red dashed line on the ground...

Still the number one industry. Gabon has set aside 10% of its surface to protected parks.

A drill road.


The capital of Gabon is called Libreville (Freedomville) because as France and English ships would capture American slave ships, they would free the slaves at this point.

 Look closely.

 You don't want to find this in your boot.

From this planet?

Daytime bat swarm.

Worth a closer look. The Black Mamba has a very bad reputation.

This was in the Schweitzer museum, an Austrian renaissance man (musician, artist, medical doctor, author) who built a hospital in the middle of the jungle. He dealt with the most bizarre and often easily treated ailments with "modern" medicine.
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Anonymous said...

From the size of the "bugs" so glad that it was Guy that took the trip and brought the pictures back for us to view. I sort of draw the line at prehistoric looking bugs that look like they could carry you away and feast on you at their leisure.

Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Along with a film AND photo of the Black Mamba you show us the hospital is this supposed to reassure us? We love the photos keep them coming. G@G XX