Thursday, January 05, 2017


Guess who is walking around like they own the place... Time to send them back to school.

Sunday, January 01, 2017

New Year's BASH!

Sledding, skating and dinner with family. 

Happy 2017 to you and your loved ones.

xxx Guy, Lucy, Alice & Estelle

Three Christmases

This year we celebrated Christmas over and over again... First just the four of us at home, then at Gran and Grandad's with Katherine, Olivia and Emma (slightly more hectic), and finally with Lyse, Janette and David back at our house. It was all good fun and food, and lovely winter weather.

New jammies

A big girl desk

My own jammin' stereo

Dancing with the cousins

Another tasty meal

Awesome new board game

Christmas Season Begins

Lucy had one last work trip to Kazakhstan 

We saw a big elf tree at the local greenhouse, but decided to go with a slightly smaller one

Alice gave a reading at the children's Christmas service in Morin-Heights

Estelle got a retainer... and her orthodontist's office was filled with nutcrackers!

We ate traditional chocolate tree cake

We decided to see what it felt like to live inside a tree ornament

Emma had a Birthday too!!!

During our Laurentian getaway weekend, we also celebrated Emma's birthday. 
Thanks for sharing your cake and makeup with us!

Guy had a 40th birthday event!!!

So we rented a cottage at Mont Tremblant and invited the whole family. It was a great time playing in the snow, sitting in the hot tub and playing Bandit Bingo!!!

Happy Birthday Guy!!

Estelle turned 8...

Estelle had a pretty cool sleepover birthday party. Just a little bit on the hectic side, but we got them back to their parents in one piece.
Who says you can't get a new umbrella in the middle of November? Thanks Gran and Grandad