Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Cozy Birthday Weekend

Lucy celebrated at big birthday this year... so we rented a cottage in the woods and made and event out of it! It was a lovely place with snowshoes trails, hot tub, sauna and even a pair of adoring grandparents who came to stay with us!

Jet set weekend

Nearing the end of the Christmas holidays, we jetted off to Quebec City for a couple of nights in a hotel. It was a luxurious break to swim in the pool, go skating in the evening and take in some Egyptian mummies at the museum. A good start to the year!

New Year's Reflections and Projections

This activity has become our New Year's eve tradition. We list (or draw) our fondest memories of the year coming to a close, and jot down a few of our hopes or ambitions for the year about to begin.

The girls love it and make sure to remind us in the days leading up to it that we mustn't forget.

Christmas Goodies

This year's Christmas was about relaxing and enjoy good times with family. Alice and Estelle are incredibly lucky to be so loved by their family and yet not too spoiled by it. They enjoyed all their gifts and also the time people spent with them, playing games, making cookies, watching movies...

Preparing Christmas baskets and Gran and Grandad's church in Morin-Heights

Treats for kids in the baskets

Decorating cookies Matante Janette brought from New Brunswick

Estelle showing Uncle Dave how it's done

Green, green, green on Christmas Day

A beautiful and challenging craft from Lynn and Paul

Like my stockings?!

Boxing day dinner at the Potter's with Olivia and Emma

Making ice cream with Mémé in Estelle's ice cream ball

Special treat!!! Gareth, Sarah and their girls paid us a visit just before New Year's. The six cousins hit it off so well and the "big girls" were enthralled with the newcomers.

Alice and Estelle trying to make her laugh!

Daddy's Birthday

... so close to Christmas, but never forgotten.

We love you Daddy!