Monday, August 10, 2015

Cape à la morue

The big family trip this year was a week-long beach holiday in Cape Cod.
Our good friends from the Saguenay drove down to meet us at a lovely house we rented, and we had good times watching our kids have fun and making each other laugh (in our underwear...?!?!)

We made it after the long drive. First dip of our toes in the ocean!!

Estelle hits the surf

Goggles are a must for underwater exploration.

The backyard where many a delicious lobster roll and striped bass were consumed.

Typical Cape Cod style house

Lab coat Guy giving a marine biology lesson to the kids...

Mathieu investigating something slimy or shelly...

Olivier deciding if he wants to hold the crab.

A real starfish!

Guy is wounded seeing his bison relative stuffed on the wall of a New England hardware store.

On the hunt for good crab fishing nets...

The great parasol battle of 2015.
We'll get you next time...

What we saw of Alice and Olivier much of the time at the beach

Daddy power!

A relaxing outdoor supper after a hard days' beaching.

Amazeballs kids park!!!

Guy's home remedy for a house without a coffee maker:
a plastic bowl, some filters and a blender!

Did we or didn't we catch this shark? 

Estelle and her huge bag of candy.
Alice and a very reasonable choice of chocolate ice cream cone.

Dunes! We found sans dunes!

Family pic.

Ride it kiddies!

On the pier.

Lucy was there too!

Providence pride!

How do I look with glasses?
(likely to happen when she's older)

Guy's romantic sand gesture.

The musical carousel.