Thursday, November 24, 2011

Look at me - I'm Three!

Estelle's third birthday was a smashing, yet slightly reserved, success. We toned down the numbers a little and still managed to have boatlads of fun - making silly hats and eating burgers and cake.

The best part? Pepe was here for the weekend and the party!
Merci René, d'avoir fait le voyage nous voir pour la fête d'Estelle. Et bonne fête à toi pour jeudi.

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Anonymous said...

And the cakes tasted good too !!!!! G@G XXXX

Anonymous said...

estelle looks so mature with those earings (like the Alice graduation picture).

Anonymous said...

Lucy, you are such an amazing, creative mother (one could also add courageous - big parties). Alice and Estelle will not realize how lucky they are until they have children of their own.

As always, thanks for sharing the lovely pictures.

Paul & Lynn

Anonymous said...

Les gâteaux sont sublimes! Bravo Lucy. Je prends en note ces belles idées pour mes propres enfants si tu me le permets. (ainsi que les supers bolides de course ci-bas!). Et bonne fête à ta belle Estelle.