Friday, October 31, 2014

2014 Halloween

We had great weather this year and a few more visitors than last.

Princess and Vampire.
8 foot tall pirate. I know that my head is too small; what are you gonna do?

Going recruiting kiddies from the corner.

Regular size human for scale. Thanks Meme for all the sewing. It was a perfect fit and big hit with everyone. I had gaggles of teen girls requesting hugs!

That silouette doesn't need any more accessories to be worthy of being a princess.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see that Guy continues to have a lot of fun with Halloween!

And Alice and Estelle both look like princesses, although Alice is more from the dark side. Thanks for sharing - your Halloween celebrations always look like a lot of fun.

And no snow! Here we had 10cm of the white stuff so it was hard to know what the children's costumes were underneath the snowsuits.

Hugs to all!
Paul & Lynn

Anonymous said...

Very cool! On dirait que vous avez eu une belle soirée. J'aurais fréké si j'étais un enfant et je voyais Guy qui m'approchait!