Tuesday, November 17, 2015

2015 Halloween

Grandad came in this year to give us a hand. It was a beautiful saturday so we had a little more traffic than usual. The Pirate Ship and smoke cannon still drawing them in. After the kids stopped coming to the door, mom and dad went into the city to a bar and had a blast. More detail on dad's crazy costume on the next post and even more on the Instructable link (below too).

The girls were not sure that Mom got the makeup right, but they haven't seen the Batman movies yet. She really nailed it, with the attitude to boot. 

Picture of Techno Zeus Halloween Costume
Picture of What's next?
See the video below, otherwise it's hard to explain.


Anonymous said...

Hi Guy and girls. Thanks for the update on Halloween. I hadn't seen the Zeus mask in action. Super! Can't imagine what goes through A&E's minds when you start "inventing". Love Gran & Grandad

nfldrail said...

We always look forward to the Halloween issue of the blog - so much creativity!
If we can be forgiven a comment or two.
Dear Lucy: you have the same problem that your daughters have. When you dress up and try to look scary, you just end up looking cute. I know that is not usually an adjective applied to a grown women with two lovely children, but cute it is!
And Guy's mask! Very deserving of a prize. Just shows what amazing things can happen when technology catches up to a good idea.
Thanks again for the posting, always a lot of fun.

Paul & Lynn

Anonymous said...

Merci beaucoup pour ce post. Il y a de la créativité dans notre famille. Guy le patenteur, Janette la cuisine et décors et Sol l'artiste, René le bâtisseur, créateur et la Lyse la ''crafter'', créatrice de projets et programmés. Mémé