Monday, June 18, 2007

Raglan in the spring!!

My field season was delayed two weeks this year because of a late spring and more snow than usual (i.e. to the roofs of all the buildings). I'll be going up on June 27th for 3 weeks.

The short pickets that you see in the foreground are actually 8 feet tall. Those thick ones in the backround are the chimneys to the propane toilets.

The wildlife at this time of year: hungry arctif foxes wishing you would just fall asleep so that they could nibble on your ears.

The Cross Lake area has some pretty impressive cliffs, some of the snow on this side of the valley will stay all summer (mini glacier).

This is method of transportation is much cheaper than slinging barrels by helicopter. Thats all helicopter fuel ironically.

There is only one way into camp: shovels and sweat. You had better know where the valve for the propane is... (oops).

Thankfully our friends at the mine went over and helped the boys out.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! It's hard to grasp that you're still in the same province. What a wonderfully crazy and diverse world we live in...
Take care Galala!