Sunday, June 10, 2007

Diggin' a hole...

... no wait...

Diggin two holes!

This weekend we picked up the tree which was given to Alice in honour of her wonderful presence among us. The city of Laval has a program to give a free tree to each family for the birth of a child. This year the tree is a Japanese lilac, which can grow up to 6 meters tall! This program is no doubt responsible for the latest baby boom in Quebec... (which is in no way connected to the glamorous parenting lifestyle showcased by Britney Spears in recent years)

When trying to decide where to plant the tree (on Alice's behalf - she was busy napping at the time), Guy and Lucy decided that a second tree would be nice to have. That would block not one, but two gaps, thus preventing us from spying on the neighbors. So Guy ran out to the garden center, and picked up another tree. This time... apple! It seems that Lucy and Alice can begin a tradition of making Cortland apple crisp in the fall... and that Guy can eat said crisp. Everyone wins!

Lilac in the foreground, apple in the rear.

It was tough digging down into the rocky soil (again) but he did it!

(no auger needed this time)

Do you think I should leave the garbage bag on?

(Did we mention that Guy spent a summer tree-planting? He's a seasoned expert)

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