Sunday, April 06, 2008

In a bit of a jam

We spent the day with Gran, Grandad, Auntie Katherine, Uncle Ben and Ben's sister, her husband and their daughter Rosemarie. First we went up north to hang out and get some lunch for Alice. Then we met the rest of the gang at the hall where we will be celebrating Katherine and Ben's wedding in June. Next we went home, had a nap (Alice) and ate lunch (everyone else!) Before heading out again, we celebrated Katherine and Ben's April birthdays with cake and presents. Lastly, we headed up to St-Adele to bowl a few frames. Lucky for us there was no one else at the lanes, so the two little girls had free reign of the place, and even got to roll a few balls of their own (see them discussing strategy below)

The drive home was a little less amusing. Alice was overtired, overstimulated and past her suppertime. So after a bit of a bit of a meltdown, mum screeched off to the side of the highway and was able to diffuse the situation with one of Gran's jam tarts.

It was only when we arrived home when we realized what a sticky situation had evolved...


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're keeping pretty busy. I guess I'm coming home to a different little girl.

Miss you lots,


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the burnout that the party brought on...thank god for jam tarts!