Sunday, April 13, 2008

Guy. A word with your daughter please.

Alice was very helpful when returned from the grocery store, unpacking the bags and handing the food to mum. She was also quite curious about many of the items, and tried to bite into a lemon, the cheese package, and the RAW GROUND BEEF!!!!!

I only caught her after she had torn this tiny hole into the package. Next we washed out her mouth. People eat steak tartare and live to tell, right?

Your daughter is a carnivore!

Later we had taco salad for supper, and she was less interested in the cooked meat!

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La famille Lavergne said...

Ah elle suit dans les pas de Stéfane! C'était son met préféré lorsqu'il était jeune. Les tendences se transmettent au travers des liens de famille! Alice moi je te suggère la viande cuite, c'est bien meilleur!