Friday, April 04, 2008

Guy's Day Job (not every day)

I'm in Hawaii right now in transit to Australia with 7 colleagues. Our days have been jam-packed with geological activities so far, no time for jetlag. Weather has been pretty good and the people are very nice and accommodating.

Here is a group shot in front of the main caldera that is currently spewing gases and ash into the air shutting down parts of the park.

This is a closer view of the eruption occurring inside a crater within the caldera.

This is a separate volcanic crater through which we hiked. It was a little creepy to walk in this desolate lava-lake with steam coming out from between the cracks (ground water).

Ropy Lava.

This is the house we are staying in. Very Big.

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Anonymous said...

The operative phrase is jammy bugger when we are still in four feet of snow, but Guy didn't get to go bowling. Take care Guy and remember it's caldera here than there. Love Wendy and David