Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Taking her time...

Looks like the little one has decided to make us wait just a little bit longer... (in case you've forgotten - the due date was Sunday, September 10th)

In the meantime, here are those photos we promised you. They cover a few of our "keeping busy" activities over the past two weeks.

Enjoy! And be patient... (we know it's not easy)

The now infamous belly at 40 weeks!

Sweet little Léa Lavergne - precious in pigtails!

Sunday morning family portrait - Pascale and Eric, with Simonne looking scowly (but only because the sun was shining and she didn't have any cool shades like her parents!)

Miss Olivia and her awesome mom Annie. Olivia turned ONE on our baby's expected arrival date... looks like they won't share the same birthday after all!

Random photo of our house and car, just after we washed it (the car, that is)

Had to have a clean car to put the baby's carseat in! She will be snug and secure in there - and we even had it checked by the local police.

A wonderful afternoon and evening spent with the Potter clan. Gareth was able to make a flash visit from Stratford and we had tons of fun playing games, eating and just "chillin".

Here we see Gareth and mum with his belated "pigskin cake" (football shaped)

Mum, Dad, Guy and Gareth - surrounding the snacks!

Ben and Katherine - weekend poker stars!

1 comment:

Eric et/ou Pascale said...

On est patient...on souhaite que le temps n'est pas trop long pour nature décide, le mieux c'est de la laisser faire, hein?? On pense terriblement à vous... et toi petite puce, choisi bien ton moment, on est là pour t'accueillir...
gros bisous
Pascale Eric Simonne