Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Puttin' in overtime

If you've noticed a long lag since our last blog post, it's mainly because Lucy was putting in a lot of extra hours at work (well, actually working from home) so there were not many photos taken. Lucy wasn't putting in the proverbial "family pot", as we Potters like to refer to it.

Anyhow, three cheers for an incredible dad who held the fort down.

Here's the rig Guy put together for them to go garage-saling while Lucy sat at the kitche ntable working.

The girls also spent the night at Gran and Grandad's, while Lucy finished up her work and Guy had a "man-date" (nothing serious...)

Being treated like royalty, of course
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Anonymous said...

Alice and Estelle are royal princesses! we had a super time what great house guests.Thanks for the photos G@G