Sunday, December 17, 2006

Xstrata Xmas Party

It was the Xstrata Christmas party on Saturday and we got all dressed up, and figured we should take some "formal" pictures.

Our 10$ christmas tree in the background.

While it was quite tough to leave Alice for the evening... we knew she was in good hands with Gran and Grandad. Well, it seems the three of them had a fabulous time, and after a three-hour absence (and only 3 phonecalls home!), we returned to find that Alice was wearing a new outfit. Apparently there was a giant poosplosion and much running around trying to find replacement pj's. The pair that the resourceful babysitters found had no feet so a pair of socks was in order. She looks like a lumberjack after a long shift!

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Anonymous said...

Gran and Grandad had a lovely time with Alice.We think the socks are cool and very fashionable and really look forward to dressing her UP again!!!!!Lots of love to you all. xxxxx