Sunday, December 17, 2006

A big week for Alice!

Aside from the excitement surrounding Guy's big birthday, it has been a bit of a milestone week for Alice as well. Since this blog is dedicated to filling you in on the little one's progress... we'd better get to it!

What can we say - she is such a happy baby! This week Alice had her first laughig fit! Sitting on dad's lap and watching mum fold her laundry was apparently hilarious to Alice! She was cracking up, which made everyone laugh harder and harder. Since then,Guy has been showing the video to anyone who stands still for more than 30 seconds. Also, we've been trying just about anything to get a repeat performance.

Alice loves to put her hands in her mouth, but she is also learning to bring toys up to her mouth! We think this is brilliant right now, but eventually we'll be trying to stop her from "gumming" on random objects!

Rest assured - if they get in the way, she still prefers to put her little hands in there!

She loves her musical aquarium, and can even roll the red clam all by herself!

And now onto the subject of sleeping... she's doing a lot of it! We've had several nights of 6 + consecutive hours, AND Alice slept in until 7 am on Friday, and 8:15 am on Saturday!!! Mum and dad were most impressed!

Oh, and no matter how much/little she sleeps, she is still the cutest little thing.

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eyesteelfilm said...

That is one beautiful Baby! Mom and Dad look well rested. I wish you all a wonderful holiday!

Love Mila