Sunday, December 10, 2006

Big girl napping

Alice napped in her own bed for the first time since she was teeny-tiny. (she usually naps in the carseat, in her swing, or on someone's lap!)

So pretty in my friend Lea's dress. We're swapping clothes already!


Anonymous said...

Its Daddys birthday today!! I hope we can make a cake.Im so glad Daddy is back safe and sound from Jamaica oops Must study the atlas after tummy time. Granddad

Anonymous said...

Oh que tu es jolie et grande ! Ta maman m'a dit que tu as ri, Pépère va en profité bientôt. Nous allons se jaser souvent quand tu seras ici. OK ? J'ai bien hâte de te voir avec tes parents car je vous aime bien gros. X0X0 Grand-maman