Tuesday, December 26, 2006

First Christmas for Alice!!!

We woke up to find that Alice was waiting for us by the tree. It appears as though she had been waiting for some time and she was very excited to get started. (note the traditional Potter pillowcase full of gifts in the background).

Once we got started though... wowy wow wow!! This is a lovely jacket that she received from her great-grandmother in Wales. She can't wait to grow into it!

After the gift opening marathon at home we headed for the Potter household where we had a delicious bruch complete with eggs benedict and sparkling wine. Alice had quite a joly good time with her uncles, aunt, and grandparents. (Note uncle Gareth in the foreground wearing a paper crown with a third degree tear; the crown likely tore during one of his theatrical escapades that are meant to induce smiling in Alice)


Anonymous said...

It's so wonderful to see Alice with those beautiful smiles on her face. Yes yes, I will get to hold you soon precious little one.

Anonymous said...

OK so you found Alice under a gooseberry bush as we all know, so what are you going to call the new cute baby found under a Christmas Tree? - Holly?