Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Our very own vacation!

We aren't the kind of people who lust post photos of our relatives holidays and don't actually go anywhere (see Kenya post below). Sheesh. We are actually taking our very own vacation in a little over a month - cruising style! Here is a link so that you can get excited for us (and maybe just a little jealous)

Some of the Liberty ship facts:

110,000 tons
952 feet in length
116 feet wide
Passengers: 2,974
Crew: 1,160
Registry: Panama


La famille Lavergne said...

Okay you've succeeded.. we are jealous! What fun! I hope you enjoy it you both deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Cruising is the best way I've ever travelled. YOu get to see a number of places without having to pack and unpack your luggage every single day. You will enjoy!
Much love

Anonymous said...

Don't foget to enjoy all the onboard activities like line dancing and STUFFING your face at the buffet (secret steak sandwhich Guy?)

Anonymous said...

A cruise!!! Wow that is great. Can you take me and Lindsay with you?

Anonymous said...

Katherine can't spell sandwich!!!

Anonymous said...

Ça sera une belle vacance pour la famille! Amusez-vous bien. Mémère.

Anonymous said...

I can spell sandwich anyway I please... the educational reform says that it is the intent of the student's message that counts and you really shouldn't be counting spelling! Hahahaha!