Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Le voyage d'un autre...

Lyse, René, Sol and Philippe recently returned from an incredible safari/resort vacation in beautiful Kenya. And yes, they were there during the height of the post-elections violence, but were not affected in the least. Lion watching and boat cruising full steam ahead! Lyse gave us a few photos to share with you, and to inspire you to head on over to Africa.

Warthogs on the run

Lyse isn't short. That man just has a REALLY tall hat...

Philou, Sol and René enjoying post safari drinks

Out for a sail

Sol and Philippe

(vous nous avez manquez ce Noel)

" I just can't wait to be king..."

You're not hiding from anyone behind that bush...


Tagada, tagada (a quote from one of Alice's books)

The local yokels.

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Anonymous said...

C'est le fun de voir d'autres photos du voyage. Wow!