Sunday, May 01, 2011

Making friends

At a new park we visited yesterday, Estelle saw a little girl she wanted to play with. She tried coaxing her over to a different play structure:

Coy tilt of the head...

"Viens avec moi, little girl?"

Unfortunately the girl didn't follow, but Estelle didn't take it personally, and we're sure she will keep making friends for the rest of her life.

Speaking of bilingualism, Alice was called to an individual French assessment session at the elementary school she will start attending in September. Seems they needed to make sure her Anglo background wouldn't hold her back. Well, she of course aced the thing, replacing only her "il"s with "y"s, something all Quebecois children do anyhow. Alice will receive an hour a week of slang rehab, and she'll be right back on track with her native peers.


Anonymous said...

I have this vision of poor Alice being dragged away in chains to a room where they will use shock therapy and waterboarding to make her say "il" rather than "y".

As always, love the pictures.

All the best,

Anonymous said...

I am French "pure laine" and I say "y" in casual conversation. Alice will learn when she must say "il". Je ne peux pas croire qu'alice sera à la vrai école. Mémé

Anonymous said...

Oh mon dieu! I have no ideas what the difference is between those two sounds... I am sure the brilliant Alice will eventually put everyone in their place and astound all of her teachers.
The Estelle story was very cute `cause I could totally picture it!