Friday, June 13, 2014

C'mon in, the water's warm!

Blue lips just don't flatter our complexions... so we decided to take the plunge (ha!) and have a pool heater installed to keep the water warm even after a week of rain or cool weather.

We're marking the calendar as June 8th being the first day of swimming for 2014. Nothing remarkable, but we'll try to keep it running until Alice's birthday in September.


Anonymous said...

Soon I must have a go. I really cant wait!!!!Love Gran xxxx

Anonymous said...

Guy is very inventive. I am sure with a little bit of encouragement he could rig up a cover for the pool. Then you could enjoy swimming all year round - the first on your block to be soaking in your pool while the snow falls all around.
Fulfill the dream!
Hugs Paul & Lynn