Sunday, June 01, 2014

Special guest

Last Friday Estelle was allowed to invite a guest to visit the daycare and to see her artwork, friends and also to eat cupcakes!

Of course Daddy was up for the challenge, so here there are perusing her workbooks together.

Here is the wall of art the kids prepared that day for their guests. Estelle's is a mermaid with her makeup vanity and a rock chair to sit on. Take a look at how thin the furniture lets are which she expertly cut around without chopping them off.


Anonymous said...

Hi Estelle I'm so sorry I couldn't be at your day care. So glad that your Dad was there to see your work. You have chosen some really good colours for your pictures. See you soon Love Grandad

Anonymous said...

It is so nice to see some of Estelle's beautiful artwork. She is always so imaginative and careful in her work. We look forward to seeing more art when we visit this summer.

Paul & Lynn

Anonymous said...

Wowie wow wow! C'est vraiment beau Estelle!
Matante Janette