Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Did we miss a birthday?

Not really, just the blogging of Estelle's 7th birthday last month.

Just like her big sis, she invited 3 girls to order pizza, play games, and sleep over. We even made a second attempt at a Pinata with real candy in it this time!

Oh, by the way, Estelle totally reads in English and in French now.
No biggie... (!!!!!!)

Alice helping to organize the little ones.

The BFF, Emma

Peace, Love and Princesses

Chocolate cake and milk.
Birthday Bliss.

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Anonymous said...

You have two beautiful, intelligent, and talented daughters. They are growing up fast, and before you know it you will be dealing with the teenage years (and boyfriends). I am sure that your Mom and Dad have waited anxiously for you to "walk a mile in their shoes" of many years ago.

If both Alice and Estelle are princesses (and we think they are), I guess that makes you and Guy the Queen and King. A nice thought heading into the holidays.

All the best,
Paul & Lynn