Thursday, November 01, 2007

$ Thank-you Canadian Dollar $

Last weekend we spent 5 days in Denver, Colorado, as Guy was attending the Geological Society of America convention. What a fantastic trip we had, enjoying beautiful weather, great food, lovely sights and extremely friendly people.

Everyone else was talking on their phones when we landed... so Alice joined in!
A gorgeous room in a funky hotel.

With a super view of the mountains and a construction site below
(jaloux, Nicolas?)

Denver City Library - modern and colourful

Strolling to the mall

(notice the dress Auntie Katherine)

There are a lot of Starbucks in Denver. Like on every corner.

Alice has a latte addiction problem now... we're seeking help.

Lucy and Alice discovering the "LoDo" (Lower Downtown) while Guy was busy learning

A day spent at Rocky Mountain National Park.
"Crown jewel of the national park system" (no kidding - it was gorgeous)

Token geology shot.

Beautiful drive-scapes.

Who knew there was a kid's menu at the Hard Rock Cafe

(no, not ribs and brisket - that was Guy's meal)

Sunny day, but cool in the mountains.

These birds were so friendly they were nearly pests as we picnicked

A favorite place to hang out in the hotel room.

It was hot and dry in the room!

Sharing a smoothie.

The Denver Art Museum

Art outside the museum

Exploring the famed 16th Street Mall

Horses daddy, clip clop.

Sunny strolling.

The view from above.

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