Thursday, July 19, 2007

We interrupt this blog...

... to bring you an important news update:

Guy is home!

(or in Potterspeak: the eagle has landed)

We are so happy to be back together again as a family, that we almost forgot to take photos! But we remembered today when we picked Alice up from daycare and Silvana had a nice surprise for us: she gave our little beauty queen some pretty pigtails! It seems that every now and again, Silvana gives the girls new hairstyles at the daycare. She says they line up for it because they enjoy it so much!

They are a bit hard to see... will have to get a better photo after her nap

(but they could be gome by then!)

Father and daughter, together again!


Anonymous said...

Welcome home Guy, they have been waiting for you!!!Love Gran xxxx

Anonymous said...

Glad you are home safe Bro-Bro. Hope you guys are well. Miss you lots and thinking of you Alice. Unky G DoGG