Friday, July 06, 2007

Daycare Day 3: I'm onto you guys...

Today was Alice's third day at the daycare... Let's just say that it was not as great as the first two. Methinks the little one was a bit tired, or perhaps teething, or maybe even realizing that mummy had left her for a few hours. Lucky us though, we get to spend the weekend together to relax and recharge for next week.

Since the afternoon was quite hot and humid, we got to play in the pool and go to the park. All this after Alice came home from daycare at lunchtime!

Note the gradual stages of undress in the pool photos!

Hmmm... fish or frog?
Baby put herself in the corner!

Now that we're all cooled off, what do we do next?

Ah yes, swingin' in the park.

I'm gonna git you, sand!
Diggin' a hole...

Supper was great. We had chicken and rosemary ravioli!


Did I get any on me?

Cherries are delicious!

We miss you daddy. This smile's for you!

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