Tuesday, July 17, 2007

1 more sleep (and it's underway for Alice)

Guy will be home tomorrow.

Phew. Now we can toss the paper plates, and break out the real dishes!

Alice is having a great week at daycare, still getting used to all the hubbub and wombats, but generally enjoying herself more and adapting to the routine. While she's waiting, mum still drives aimlessly around the neighborhood, singing Raffi songs and planning the next meal adventure, but her perimeter is slowly expanding...

Here are some pics from the past 2 days (yes, more photos of sweetpea eating!)

An avocado dip facial!
(she loved rubbing her hands together when they were covered in the dip)

Hey, there are toys in this box! My toys!


Alice had received 2 pairs of slippers in the same size last summer, so today we finally exchanged them for a bigger, bluer pair.

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Anonymous said...

Great pics. 1 dodo. cant wait.