Sunday, July 15, 2007

So much to tell you!

Daddy, here is another post especially for you (but for others to enjoy also), because we know that you are getting so excited to come home in only 3 sleeps!

First of all, did you remember that today was PHOTO SHOOT DAY? Yes, Alice is ten months old! For her ten month birthday, her top two teeth decided to finally make an appearance (or at least I think so, it is hard to see past the wriggling!) So Alice now has a total of 7 teeth!

Ah, ah, ah! No peeking at the photo shoot pictures yet!
This looks like a good snack, mummy...

Ah, here is the real snack

(of course Alice gets to eat grated apple only, but she did enjoy sucking on the core)

We have had a little brown, white-tailed visitor 2 days in a row. We have been as close as 3 feet away, without scaring the little guy.

Aunty Katherine dropped in for a visit and Alice showed off her pool.

They splashed a little...

And then Alice convinced Katherine to plop her in!

"You made the right decision Aunty Katherine"

Ha, Ha! Aunty Katherine forgot her sunglasses when she left.

Now they're mine, mine, mine!

We had shepherd's pie and asparagus for supper.

One more thing. Do you remember Guy, how you played the "Eat your toes. No, no, no, don't eat your toes!" game with Alice? Well, we have kept this game up, and now when she brings her toes to her mouth, she starts to shake her head because she knows... no, no, no, I musn't eat my toes!!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the many wonderful pics. I cant wait to squeeze her tight. I know that you hesitated on posting the picture of the rabbit... I guess its time for me to come home and take care of dad jobs.

3 dodos,