Thursday, July 05, 2007

Amazing but true...

Most of you probably don't know that Guy once gave Lucy a beautiful hibiscus tree way back when we lived in Winnipeg. Lucy's sentimental response to the gift was to promtly kill the plant.

Fast forward 5 years and Guy mustered up enough faith in Lucy's gardening abilities to try it again. For her first Mother's Day, Guy gave Lucy a lovely blossoming hibiscus plant. Within about a week, almost all of the leaves had dried up and were falling off... Overwatering? Underwatering? Too much sun? Too little sun? Not enough love? Too much love? Who knows what the problem was. But just this past week, the Phoenix rose from the dirt, and a gorgeous flower bloomed!

I am gardener. Hear me roar!

Here are a few lovely pics of Alice, back from her second morning at daycare. No playing in the sandbox this morning, but they went for a long stroll (i.e. snooze) and she still came home pooped!

"How you doing in there parrot?"


Anonymous said...

I dont know what they are feeding her at day care, but Alice looks especially delicious in the pics. I bet the belly is ripe for some nuzzling with a prickly moustache.


Anonymous said...

Alice, Ta Mom a vraiment bien fait avec le hisbiscus. Tu comprends, ils les vendent (fêtes des mères)quans elles sont très belles. C'est normal que les feuilles tombent et résussitent. Ta grande tante Huguette en a souvent des belles. Félicitations Lucy.

Anonymous said...

well done on the plant Lucy! looks great. unky G

Anonymous said...

Well, Matante Janette (a forester no less), has managed to kill spider plants and cacti, so I'm obviously very impressed by your skills!
Just came back from vacationing in the Ottawa region and happy to see all the new pics on the site! Keep them coming.