Sunday, January 12, 2014

San Diego Part 8: USS Midway

The USS Midway aircraft carrier is parked in the port of San Diego after being decommissioned in 1992. Even for non-military, non-history, and non-aircraft buffs, it's a fantastic and informative destination. One of the most interesting aspects was seeing how the crew lived and worked in cramped quarters for long periods at sea.

Riding the trolley back to the hotel
(note the girls' Junior Pilot wings)

Guy whipping up a batch of muffins.

We can handle this.

Alice and Estelle so sad to be thrown in the brig (on-board jail)
Must have been all that arguing.

The indoctrination ceremony.

Listening for clues

Learning about all the different jobs on board and their respective uniform colors.

Guy headed off for his "adult only" tour of the bridge.

A whole fleet of helicopters.

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