Sunday, January 12, 2014

San Diego Part 6: Balboa Park

Balboa Park is one of the main tourist and local attractions for San Diego, primarily for the San Diego Zoo, but also for the many beautiful gardens and 15-20 museums and theatres. We spent one day at the park to see the gardens and Natural History Museum, but we could easily have gone back every day for a week. 

Alice and bird of paradise

The cactus garden

Guy leading the way to a day of learning!!!


Public washrooms in here?!

Californian hippie painted our kids' faces with hypoallergenic, soy-based, hemp-infused colors

Kissy Kissy

Double dolphins

All made up and ready to explore

Scary exhibit.

A replica of Lyuba, the world's best preserved baby mammoth.

Estelle wants to bring Lyuba home (or at least back to the hotel room)

A lesson in plate tectonics

Lovely artist's market

Sea goddess

Estelle found her pick on the 1910 Balboa Park Carousel

Wanna race?

Ever the show-off...

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture of Lucy and the girls. This looks like a park where there are endless possibilities for fun.
Hugs to all,
Paul & Lynn