Sunday, January 05, 2014

San Diego Part 1: Traveling with kids can be fun!

We figured that we all deserved a warm holiday after working our butts off in 2013. Beach resorts are appealing for their warmth and permission to do absolutely nothing, but this drives Lucy pretty bonkers (doing nothing, not the warmth) so we opted for a warm city with beaches and lots of other stuff to keep us busy.

California seemed like a good choice mainly because it boasts the single most attractive attraction in the ENTIRE WORLD... LEGOLAND!!! Our girls are really into the Lego Friends series so they were very excited for this outing (more on this later...)

Of course a little geography tells you that California is on the other side of North America, 3 time zones away, so it was a really long trip to get there and we were a little off with our sleep pattern, but so worth the journey and Alice and Estelle were both incredible throughout. The nearly constant TV watching may have played a part in this...

We were really lucky that the weather was unusually warm during our 9-day stay (highs of 20-26 degrees vs. the usual 16-20 degrees) Food was great and only Lucy and Guy caught 48 hour colds - nothing to slow us down.

Waiting for our flight at Trudeau and they're already hooked
(I think it was the weather channel)

Reading my Christmas Hello Kitty book, and waiting for a TV screen.

The morning after arriving at our first hotel, The Dana on Mission Bay.
Mornings were chilly but by noon we were in t-shirts.

Ready-made friends on the hotel grounds. Good for shy little Quebecois girls.

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Anonymous said...

Travelling with children can be the best of times - the worst of times. With two little angels like Alice and Estelle I am sure it is always the best. Seeing the world through young eyes is wonderful, even though the young eyes can't see the whales (they're out there! see!!) We look forward to future installments of your trip (with train pictures of the trip to legoland?)

Paul & Lynn