Tuesday, January 07, 2014

San Diego Part 4: Lego, Lego, Legoland!!!

We're not sure if you can tell yet, but we really, really, really loved going to Legoland and staying at the extremely expensive (but so worth it) Legoland Hotel.

We really loved it!

The trip was a pretty safe bet since the girls are really into Lego, but also a test to see how they would handle the lineups and amusement park rides. It turns out that both girls are able to tolerate a reasonable wait time and are also into the adrenaline rush of roller coasters and other wild(-ish) attractions. Now we know, we might cave to the societal and peer pressure to take a family trip to Disney World.

We originally planned to arrive at the hotel in the afternoon, stay the night and spend the next day at the amusement park. After peering through the fence though, we decided we couldn't wait and, for a modest additional cost, hopped in for a few rides and a taste of the family oriented buzz.

Below are a few of the highlights, but it should be said that it was challenging to whittle it down to only these 29 photos.

Arriving in the hotel lobby, the girls hit up the play pit.
Simple 2x4 and 2x2 bricks are all they needed to build some mighty inventions.
A lovely lifeguard greeted us outside the pool area.

Wall of mini figurines behind the front desk.

Nope, the pool wasn't actually filled with tiny blue bricks to swim in, but there were a few foamy ones floating in the deep end.

After arriving in our room (bunk beds in one area for kids, queen bed in another part for parents, and Lego creations everywhere), Estelle is figuring out the code to crack the treasure safe...

Opening the safe guarded by a Lego monkey and containing treasures of chocolate and Lego.

Ready, set, enter!

We were greeted by a Lego rainbow.

Everything is solid Lego to the core, with just a hint of glue to ensure models are held together for as long as possible.

Waiting to board the Safari Trek.
Everyone in San Diego kept asking us if we went to the zoo, and while we chose not to, this was the closest we came to seeing some majestic animals.

Only black and white bricks.
Easy right?

And they're off!

Fairy Tale Brook. 
Best enjoyed from a leaf boat.

Alice and Estelle intently watching the "real" Lego friends perform Christmas tunes.

The great Pharaoh.

Estelle suddenly got very quiet at about 7pm.
We found her fully dressed and tucked into bed, fast asleep.
I guess she just knew she had a big day coming up.

Waiting for the breakfast buffet.

We lined up early for our VIP entrance and were the very first people in the park for the day.
(Aside from staff who were feeding the zebras at 5:30 AM)

Kind Triton calling Ariel in for a performance.

The Sky Cruiser had a 2 hour wait when we first checked the day before.
But we managed to be first on the ride that morning.

Early morning spray for the frogs.

Not us, but we took this roller coaster a few minutes later. 
Brave little Estelle threw her hands up on every drop!

Lego + Star Wars. What more could a Guy want?

Future construction zones for the park.

Taj Mahal and bonsai trees.
Amazing and adorable.

Not sure who this is, but Estelle thought he was the coolest character outside of the Lego Friends girls.

Miniland USA.
Definitely a fave.

Miniland Las Vegas.
The T-65 X-wing.
5.3 millions Lego bricks weighing 23 tonnes is the largest Lego model ever constructed.
Try topping your kids spaceship by building that!


Anonymous said...

Bonjour la belle famille! C'est impressionant ce voyage. Le plaisir de voyager. Je suis très contente pour vous et que tout est bien aller... plus la température idéale. Grosses bises Mémé Lyse

Anonymous said...

We seem to recall that Guy has a dislike of zoos and the forced containment of animals. It looks like he found a suitable "zoo" at Legoland where everyone could go and enjoy themselves.

Lynn wants some more pictures of Lucy with the girls (and Guy if you can trust a stranger with your camera). Just saying!

Hugs to all,

Paul & Lynn

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice and Estelle I want to go to LEGOLAND and sleep in that nice bed Estelle was in. So how about it Alice any chance you could take me? Love Gran xxxxxxxxxx