Sunday, January 12, 2014

San Diego Part 7: Coronado Beach

The bus took us from downtown to the Coronado beach in about half an hour. We didn't plan for full on swimming, but it was warm enough for frolicking with gay abandon, collecting shells and digging in the sand. A requisite for a Californian trip, I'm guessing.

Happy sisters.

View of the Del Coronado Hotel, a behemoth resort-type hotel and definite consideration for our next San Diego escapade.

This wave is chasing me...

All in a good morning's sand play...

My skirt is soaked!

A nice, cosy blanket

I'm goin' down.

The tide is coming in!


On the Coronado Bridge

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Anonymous said...

Sur la photo Happy Sisters, Alice et Estelle sont presque la même grandeur. Hmmm.