Sunday, August 05, 2007


This was our first weekend with Guy back up north. Luckily, we filled our time with lots of Gran and Grandad!

At the breakfast restaurant... and all they gave me to chew on was this plastic pelican!

Thank goodness, I got a cookie later on!

Swingin' in the sun

How many more new decks are you going to build Grandad?

Mummy forgot to bring my bib, but luckily my tshirt caught all the mess!

You guys have your OWN personal swing? At your HOUSE?

You are so lucky!

(it really was more fun than it looks in this photo)

Alice got to eat the blueberries that mum and Gran picked for supper.

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Anonymous said...

Bonjour Alice, Lucy et Guy, Tes grand-parents sont revenus de leur voyage en moto (plan B). Vous aussi avez eu de belles vacances. Je vois que tu te tiens très occupée Alice. J'ai l'impression que tu vas marcher en octobre lorsque je vais te voir. C'est incroyable que tu auras bientôt 11 mois. Tu nous manques beaucoup. Nous apprécions pouvoir te visiter via le blog. Merci à Lucy et Guy.