Thursday, August 02, 2007

Back to the routine...

Well, after a lovely two-week break from the norm, the call of the wild north beckoned Guy back to Raglan. And so he is gone for another three weeks, leaving us girls to contend with the hot weather that is hitting several parts of the country.

Unfortunately, the hot weather has affected Lucy's trigger finger, and she hasn't taken many photos of princess Alice (but Alice is too hot to pose anyway), but here are a few from the previous days.

Stay cool.

I'm off to watch "So you think you can dance" (in case you didn't know I was an addict!)


Le Cochon

(something I picked up at daycare)

Cooling off at the mall today

(we spent loads of time in the pet store, but no, we didn't buy)

At Simonne's 2nd birthday party

Arts and crafts time.

Chillin' with Olivier

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the beautiful new photos.Yes we are all hot and bothered but I do enjoy my hit of Alice every day.Love Gran xxxxx