Monday, August 20, 2007

Last Day.

Today was Lucy's last day of her maternity leave.


What an incredible year it has been, spending time with this precious little person, and watching her grow and learn. And now we start a new, hectic chapter of our family's life. Of course we'll try to keep you updated as often as possible.

No time for a pity-party, I'm off to make our lunches...

Bagels from our trip to the city yesterday.
(Genevieve: la photo n'etait pas belle, donc je ne la met pas sur le blog...)

One of Alice's favourite places to stand.

This spot is pretty good too!

The pavers made lots of noise and quite a stink today.

Hey guys, do you need a hand? I've got this great flower...


La famille Lavergne said...

Hey Lucy! Alice est très chanceuse d'avoir eu tout ces beaux moments avec toi! La vie sera plus occupé mais les beaux moments y resteront! Bon retour!

La famille Lavergne said...

Nicolas sera très déçu qu'il a manqué l'asphalteuse ainsi que le camion benne!

Anonymous said...

Cant wait to see you guys! Soon. Love ya, Unky G

Anonymous said...

Wow its been awhile since I've been on the blog... lovely pictures of Alice standing. I need a quick Alice hug soon! Katherine