Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Feeling much better, thank-you!

It has been a difficult few days for both of us here at rancho-roseola... Yes, Alice caught her first contagious, viral disease. Icky, icky, icky. The virus basically consists of three days of unconfortable fever, followed by a break in the fever and a rash. It also seems to be accompanied by general grouchyness!

So we have spent the past 3 mornings at the walk-in clinic, and most of yesterday at the hospital for tests. And for any of you new moms who have considered dabbling in Munchausen by proxy, it is SO not worth it. Hospitals are a yucky place to spend a lovely summer afternoon!

Anyhow, the rash is on now, but our little sweetpea is feeling much better (eating better too) and we are both happy to rest up from the illness and the worry.

A new skill Alice is mastering, taking bites of her food
(instead of shoving the entire piece in her mouth!)

A cookie upon returning home from the hospital

(it was the first time we had both been back since that memorable day last September...)

Even cruising is not as much fun.

A pretty sad picture, but we wanted to show daddy the rash...

A girls' gotta keep eating her peas!


Anonymous said...

that is one mad mad cruiser. i wish that I could be there to bear more of the grouchiness.



Anonymous said...

J'espère que tu te sens mieux Alice! Poupou!

Anonymous said...

Ah mon doux, pauvre pitoune! C'est dure passer au travers de ces maladies autant pour bébé que pour maman et même pour le papa au loin. Tu vas marcher bientôt n'est-ce pas Alice. Je m'ennui déjà beaucoup! Je vous aime bien gros. Mamie Lyse