Monday, July 31, 2006

The "downpour" continued on Sunday!

Not rain, silly! We were showered with love, support, friendly advice and gifts for our little one.

This time the festivities took place at the Potters in Ste-Anne-des-Lacs, on Sunday afternoon. We tripped them up a little when we arrived to "just hang out" at 10 am... 5 hours before the shower started! At first, Wendy wanted us to leave so that they could finish decorating and preparing, but eventually we were allowed to stay, help out a little, and wait for the arrival of all the guests.

The weather was beautiful - warm, dry and sunny. The company was superb - warm, generous and happy. And the games were hilarious - silly, fun and not too difficult!

Our huge and overwhelmed thanks to Katherine, Wendy and David for planning and preparing, and to everyone who came, making it a spectacular success. We were touched by your generosity, and can't wait for your to share that same spirit of love and family with our daughter!

Enjoy some shots of the afternoon (more to follow when we receive copies from others)

xxx Lucy, Guy and our little Robeez fashionista

Christine was the official winner of the "Don't say b_b_" clothespin game. Nice efforts were also noted by Francine, Guy and Dan.

Our wonderful location - the Potter Botanical Gardens!

Guy, Katherine and David set up the midget-gazebo!

Lovely Léa!

Lucy and Guy challenge each other to a game of cotton ball handling. Of course Lucy won, when some of the puffs got caught in Guy's beard...

Hans and Erika with their new puppy Rocky.

Charleen watches over Nicolas as he invents his own cotton ball game.

Ah yes, David's famous dad diapering relay race. Ben is racing towards David in his bathrobe, and with pinhole eyes, yelling "I'm coming baby"!

Here Stéfane and Sheldon change Ben and Hans' diapers. Stéfane could have been a pro at this game after changing diapers for the past 3 years - but alas, it wasn't an individual event!

David rushing to get his diaper on!

Lucy gets in a little practice... An exhausted Gabriel conked out on her as mum Sandra looks on.

Guy cuts the "crevette cake". No there weren't any shrimp in it, but Katherine and Wendy decorated with little pink icing shrimp!

Some "rainy" weekend activities...

It didn't actually rain this weekend. But there were lots of "showers"!

On Saturday afternoon, we were invited to Annie & Matthew's for a mini-Traf reunion, and a celebration of the little one's upcoming arrival. It was fantastic to see some of the friendly faces that Lucy misses the most from her teaching stint at Traf.

Of course many requisite baby shower games were played, much to everyone's delight! Guess the date/weight/gender, guess the baby photo, estimate the pregnancy belly's girth (Matthew had a lock on that contest - but we won't divulge his secret!), and the insanely popular - guess the chocolate poop!

The lovely afternoon was capped off by some yummy ice-cream sundaes, lots of fantastic presents, and incessant ooh-ing and aah-ing over how scrumptious Annie & Matt's daughter Olivia is. What a precious little package (and she really is the happiest baby on the block, Annie!)

Lena gets her nose stuck into an icky-looking, but probably yummy tasting diaper... Genevieve has already had her turn!

Guy is pleasantly surprised - is this what diaper-changing is going to be like? messy, sure... but it smells good!

Guy gets some playtime with Olivia - that girl loves to bounce!

Is Rachel teaching Olivia a magic trick?

Phew... a crisis narrowly averted when Annie gives Olivia her monkey... The little one had her eye on the one that Lucy & Guy received (and who could blame her?)

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you all so much for a super afternoon!!

And we thought we had nice roses...

Okay, well we didn't actually take any photos of the roses... but trust us, they were spectacular! Saturday was a gorgeous, hot and sunny day, so we decided to take advantage by hitting up a local tourist attraction that neither of us had been to - Les Jardins Botaniques.

After slathering on the sunscreen, we headed downtown Montreal to the gardens which neighbour the Olympic Stadium (site of the summer's big event - The Out Games!) We were thoroughly impressed with the amazing quality of the gardens, and even more so, the amount of things to see. We spent most of our time at the China Gardens, as well as the Tree House at the north end of the park. Will definitely have to head back in the fall sometime to catch the Chinese lanterns (in the evening), and the First Nations garden (which we missed entirely) All in all, a hot, sticky, fantastic outing!

xxx Lucy, Guy and our very own SweetPea.

This photo is for Janette: the inside of the "Tree House" - a superb educational pavilion with interactive learning stations and a ton of interesting information (Les Jardins were first established in 1931!)
Bonsai! Some of these miniature works of art are over 300 years old!

Notice the fantastic pebble stonework. Oh and the flower, of course!

Lucy looking over the "lagoon" in the Chinese garden.

Guy admiring one of the many dwarf trees!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Lucy at 33 weeks

Wowy wow wow

Token Rock Shot

1,883,000,000 year old flow top (lower picture). Can you say Pahoehoe. (upper picture is from hawaii as recently as 2 years ago)

East Lake Camp (Raglan, northern tip of Quebec)

I just got back from Raglan to find my beautiful wife got a little bigger and more beautiful. It was a long 4 weeks but it was quite successful in terms of exploration. I never stayed up late enough to see the sun set, but apparently there were some pretty spectacular sunsets.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Nursery Progress So far...

The instructor at our prenatal class told us that we should have the baby’s room ready by about 32 weeks... Looks like we’re pretty much on track, since we’ve been slowly preparing since April! While the final touches still have to be added (there are fairy stickers waiting to dance around the room’s border to watch over her as she sleeps...), all the major work is done! It’s been a true pleasure working on this project together, dreaming of tucking our little one into her crib at night, and reading her stories from the rocking chair.

And now we wait!

xxx Team Luguy & the Penthouse Suite Princess

Guy, the expert corner “cutter” working his paint magic!

Lucy examines the paint colours – she wasn’t as sceptical as she may have looked!

Guy begins assembling the crib – that wasn’t so difficult (thanks goodness for the Ph.D.!)

The second-hand glider and brand new cushions that Lucy recovered. A great project to keep her busy while Guy is still away at Raglan. Note the green & blue bedazzled dragonfly... shouldn’t every nursery have one?

This one is for daddy: What do you think of the rug Guy? Is it too pink or just the right touch of girly? (I still have the receipt)

The infamous Ikea dresser that Janette & Lyse put together. A perfect spot for diaper changing and toe-tickling!

Willy, the friendly chicken and nursery mascot!

And of course... the crib!

I don't think you're ready... for this belly!

At least we're consistent in our inconsistency... Here are a few random pics of the burgeoning belly throughout the pregnancy. And for those keeping track, we recently passed the 32 week mark, which means only 20% left to go!

At least we know that in the meantime, our little girl is getting plenty of exercise... She doesn't stop wriggling in Lucy's tummy! Not only that, but she has fine taste in men, after kicking and squirming around throughout the entire 2+ hours of Pirates of the Caribbean.

More updates and belly pics to come... we've got 8 weeks of growing to do!

xxx Team Luguy & Princess Rib-Tickler

20 weeks - The day of the BIG ultrasound (when the baby's penis disappeared!)

32 weeks - Taken just yesterday! Do the stripes accentuate the tummy?

28 weeks - The heat of summer was only just beginning...

24 weeks - In front of Sol & Philippe's house/restaurant in France (the tummy was well fed by the brothers-in-law)

21 weeks - More stretchy clothes were required - but not full maternity wear yet...

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Quiet weekend, just us girls!

While Guy spends some time in the field (halfway through a 4-week rotation at Raglan in northern Quebec), Lucy is busily entering the nesting phase. An ambitious sewing project is in the works (the results to be posted here... if successful!), and various necessities are getting tucked away in the nursery. Today marked the momentous occasion of laundering some of the baby's things, ready to clothe and swaddle her in case of an early arrival. Let's just hope she's not earlier than her dad!

Preparing in many ways...

Our pregnancy seems to by flying by... or is is going by slowly? Feels like a bit of both sometimes! Seems like a baby-boom has hit Quebec, and lots of friends are also starting their families. We're enjoying bonding with other couples going through a similar adventure, both socially and at our pre-natal classes. There seems to be so much to learn and we're taking it all in, hoping to be ready for September! Who knew that baby-powder should no longer be used on babies!

We went for supper at Jean-Francois and Christine's (Falconbridge friends) who are also expecting a baby, in late October.

Guy holding Gabriel, Sandra and Dan's little one.. only 3 months old. Gabriel had a wonderful time suckling on Guy's tasty finger!!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Having a baby is a community affair...

Our friends Eric and Pascale, with their 11-month old sweetheart (and our god-daughter) Simonne. The trio stopped by to visit before Eric left for a theatrical gig in Japan, and also to lend us some baby goods. Here we see them showing us how to use the Baby Bjorn they're lending us, only Simonne has become a little too big to squash in there! Nevertheless, she enjoying being in the carrier, which must have reminded her of her youth!
Of course the entire family is chipping in to help when they can. Janette and Lyse has the arduous task of putting together the Ikea dresser we bought for the nursery. Lucy was at work, and Guy was replacing the roof on the house with his dad, but the girls assured us that the dresser came with an 80-page instruction booklet, and about 5 pounds of short wooden dowels and funny looking screws! We appreciate everyone's help and excitement so much.

xxx Team Luguy

Since we're trying to catch up for the past 6 months... Here are some snaps taken during our recent whirlwind trip to Manitoba. The weekend after our return from Europe, we flew to Winnipeg for a few special occasions: a baby shower given by the Desharnais family, and Guy's PhD convocation ceremony. Both celebrations were a great success, and we returned just a little heaver - high chair, crib mobile, baby monitor... and one very important piece of paper!

He's not even thirty yet, and Guy is officially out of school!!

xxx Lucy&Guy