Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I don't think you're ready... for this belly!

At least we're consistent in our inconsistency... Here are a few random pics of the burgeoning belly throughout the pregnancy. And for those keeping track, we recently passed the 32 week mark, which means only 20% left to go!

At least we know that in the meantime, our little girl is getting plenty of exercise... She doesn't stop wriggling in Lucy's tummy! Not only that, but she has fine taste in men, after kicking and squirming around throughout the entire 2+ hours of Pirates of the Caribbean.

More updates and belly pics to come... we've got 8 weeks of growing to do!

xxx Team Luguy & Princess Rib-Tickler

20 weeks - The day of the BIG ultrasound (when the baby's penis disappeared!)

32 weeks - Taken just yesterday! Do the stripes accentuate the tummy?

28 weeks - The heat of summer was only just beginning...

24 weeks - In front of Sol & Philippe's house/restaurant in France (the tummy was well fed by the brothers-in-law)

21 weeks - More stretchy clothes were required - but not full maternity wear yet...

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