Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Nursery Progress So far...

The instructor at our prenatal class told us that we should have the baby’s room ready by about 32 weeks... Looks like we’re pretty much on track, since we’ve been slowly preparing since April! While the final touches still have to be added (there are fairy stickers waiting to dance around the room’s border to watch over her as she sleeps...), all the major work is done! It’s been a true pleasure working on this project together, dreaming of tucking our little one into her crib at night, and reading her stories from the rocking chair.

And now we wait!

xxx Team Luguy & the Penthouse Suite Princess

Guy, the expert corner “cutter” working his paint magic!

Lucy examines the paint colours – she wasn’t as sceptical as she may have looked!

Guy begins assembling the crib – that wasn’t so difficult (thanks goodness for the Ph.D.!)

The second-hand glider and brand new cushions that Lucy recovered. A great project to keep her busy while Guy is still away at Raglan. Note the green & blue bedazzled dragonfly... shouldn’t every nursery have one?

This one is for daddy: What do you think of the rug Guy? Is it too pink or just the right touch of girly? (I still have the receipt)

The infamous Ikea dresser that Janette & Lyse put together. A perfect spot for diaper changing and toe-tickling!

Willy, the friendly chicken and nursery mascot!

And of course... the crib!

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Eric et/ou Pascale said...

youppi un blog de vous!!! On va l'ajouter à mon site, bien disons papa le fera quand il aura 2 minutes car c'est une option que maman ne peut faire!!! J'ai très hâte de vous revoir et de voir ma petite amie qui s'en vient, mais qu'elle prenne le temps qu'il lui faut!!! Gros becs
Simonne (avec Papa et Maman bien sûre)