Monday, July 31, 2006

And we thought we had nice roses...

Okay, well we didn't actually take any photos of the roses... but trust us, they were spectacular! Saturday was a gorgeous, hot and sunny day, so we decided to take advantage by hitting up a local tourist attraction that neither of us had been to - Les Jardins Botaniques.

After slathering on the sunscreen, we headed downtown Montreal to the gardens which neighbour the Olympic Stadium (site of the summer's big event - The Out Games!) We were thoroughly impressed with the amazing quality of the gardens, and even more so, the amount of things to see. We spent most of our time at the China Gardens, as well as the Tree House at the north end of the park. Will definitely have to head back in the fall sometime to catch the Chinese lanterns (in the evening), and the First Nations garden (which we missed entirely) All in all, a hot, sticky, fantastic outing!

xxx Lucy, Guy and our very own SweetPea.

This photo is for Janette: the inside of the "Tree House" - a superb educational pavilion with interactive learning stations and a ton of interesting information (Les Jardins were first established in 1931!)
Bonsai! Some of these miniature works of art are over 300 years old!

Notice the fantastic pebble stonework. Oh and the flower, of course!

Lucy looking over the "lagoon" in the Chinese garden.

Guy admiring one of the many dwarf trees!

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