Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Pavarotti? It that you?

Silvana said that Alice sang all day today at daycare, and that she must have had some influence from the spirit of the recently departed, Luciano Pavarotti. I must admit that she has a mighty fine voice (already better than her mother)

You may notice that there are not as many photos recently. You are correct in your observation, and there are several logical explanations for the shortage:

1) Alice is moving a lot faster now. She is no longer a "still life with squeaky toy". She is more of an impressionistic blur. She also tends to grab for the camera if we lean in for a close-up. Hey, at this point in time, everything seems like candy!

2) Mummy is alone with Alice at the moment, and in between working, "walking" the little one around, housework and feeding/cleaning both of us, there is little time left over for creative photojournalism.

3) The batteries in the camera are nearly dead. I haven't had time to change them yet.

So now you have my excuses, but I can offer you these precious snaps to placate the potential angry net-mob!

Here is our little genius reading her new beloved book (thanks Unky G) and signing "dog"

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Anonymous said...

We sure appreciate those 2 pics very much. Lovely day here (boooo).