Wednesday, September 05, 2007

No, we have not forgotten the blog...

And yes, Alice is still the most beautiful baby there ever was...

But we've been very, very busy with Guy being home (fun) and Lucy being back at work (stress) so something had to give, and that thing was the blog.

Now we are back, and since Guy has returned to Raglan, you can expect to see updates much more often. Daddy expects frequent reports about his daughter.

So what have you missed? Well plenty! Mostly, we have had a ton of fun visiting with friends and family, enjoying strolls to the park and just being together as TEAM! Tonight however, Lucy is enjoying her very own pity-party after a tough day. Imagine, if you will, bidding your best friend adieu for 2-3 weeks, navigating a vigilante parking lot at the metro, suffering ongoing uncertainty at work, and having your nipple "accidentally" bitten by a teething one year-old. Wanna come to my party?

But nevermind all the drama Here are some pics of happier times.

Shopping for a tent-trailer... this ain't the one for us!

Lyse: Je pense que c'est une photo tres "Guy". Qu'en dis-tu?

Higher Daddy, higher!

I spy with my little eye... the swingset!

An early birthday present from Unky G


Anonymous said...

Hey Guys. It was so nice to visit with you, however breif. Hope you are OK Lucy. Sending you all my love. Unky G

Anonymous said...

thanks for the great pics. give Alice a big squeeze for me.

love Guy

Anonymous said...

Tu as raison au sujet de la photo et Guy. Par contre, je trouve qu'elle a le menton à Janette et mes lèvres. Je suis certaine que les membres de ta famille diront que les yeux sont comme David etc... En tout cas Guy ne peut pas nier qu'Alice est sa petite fille !Merci pour les nouvelles. Mamie Lyse
Je raconte mon pensées de petite fille ailleurs.

Anonymous said...

Nipple Nibbles are the worst