Friday, September 07, 2007


For those of you who were not aware, we're planning on enrolling Alice in the winter semester at Concordia University. Yes, she is that gifted.
A mum is allowed to exagerate isn't she?

The truth is that it is so wonderful and mesmerizing to watch this little person begin to communicate her needs and feelings by using methods other than crying and smiling.
Alice is using a combination of speaking and signing to get her message across. Some of her oral skills are: ba (depending on the intonation and situation, may represent bath, ball or the sound that a sheep makes!), mah-mah (which means either mummy, daddy, or yes I'm hungry!), da-da, a high pitched squeal means meow (for cat) For signs she uses a nose wrinkle for flowers, a thigh slap for dog, a pointed finger at the mouth for bird, and clapping hands for more food.

Here she is signing for more pancakes:


Anonymous said...

Someone here said that she looks like Lucy in this pic!



Anonymous said...

I'm folding my ear as I look at this picture which means that I wish I could see you more often!