Sunday, September 16, 2007

Now I can't wait until my second birthday!

Birthday parties are so much fun!!

Alice turned one year old on the 15th, and despite having her first honest-to-goodness runny nose (how is such a little body able to produce so much snot?) she had a lovely day on Saturday, and a fantastic party on Sunday.
Thank-you so much to all of Alice's friends who came to the party, and for the generous gifts. See you again next year?

My first present on the actual day - from our Sudbury friends, Lynn and Paul.

(dinosaur puppet not shown)

My Great Auntie Jean came all the way from England (via Vancouver!) to read me a birthday story.

Thanks for my new t-shirt Gran

(it says something about Grandma and Grandpa being the best...)

I've got my party dress on. Let the guests in!

The littlest Lavergne gets in some baby Einstein time.

Olivier looks like he's going to chair a meeting, but he's really just getting into his lunch

Cake time!

(Don't worry, we saved you a piece Daddy)

Un gros, gros poisson

(Lucy's "first" birthday cake - she was mighty proud)

Alice and Olivier chowing down on cake

(But their mean mommies didn't give them any icing!)

Simonne sat in one spot until all of her icing was gone.

(And then her mum took care of the cake)

Woof, woof. Thanks for the puppy Simonne, my parents won't buy me a real one.

Daddy, the monkey you chose for me was a big hit!

Nicolas waiting patiently for the school bus.

(hey, it's yellow, it's got wheels, and it makes noise - what's not to love?)


Gratuitous crowd shot.

(and pic of Grandad's bum!)

Daddy, we missed you so very much at the party. We will tell you all about it when you come home next week. And you were right, Mummy has no idea where to put all of the new toys!

(p.s. everyone, check out Simonne's blog for more great photos)


Anonymous said...

Wow, I sure missed alot of good times. Thanks for all the pics. I'll be home soon enough.

Love you lots,


Anonymous said...

Merci Lucy pour les belles photos et les commentaires. Le gâteau me rappelle de bons souvenirs. René et moi voulions être là, mais hélas il faudra probablement attendre au 22 décembre pour vous voir. Gros bisous à toute la famille. Mamie Lyse

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great birthday! Wish I could have been there. Lots of love, unky G