Saturday, September 22, 2007

All Grown Up (part 2)

A few things I forgot to mention when I posted about our little baby growing up to be a little girl...

Alice went for her 1 year check-up and vaccinations at the doctor's on Thursday. Our little crevette now weighs 20.86 pounds (60 percentile for weight) and is in the 75 percentile for height. She's stretching out! She had 2 shots and will be back for more in a month.

But here's the cool stuff. She has started to do a few new "problem solving" activities. Like trying to put objects inside boxes, holes, or bags. Like this:

Also, Alice has been trying to put the lids back on different containers (travel mug, empty yogurt container...)

And here's a cute one for today: Alice carried around two little disks from the beaded snake that she got for her birthday, for about an hour! Clenched in her fist like this:

Bless her heart. She is so wonderful!

(We were wondering if she would become attached to a teddy bear or doll... we were not expecting this!)

And the amazing yard sale that Lucy looked forward to for months? Bust. Big disappointment, for many reasons, most of which are too boring to note here. To cheer myself up though, we came home and went through some of the clothes we already had stashed away for the fall/winter. Check it out.

Who wouldn't be cheered up?


Anonymous said...

Someone's ecstatic about winter's arrival! :(
Why so sad little one? Wait till you discover the fun of snowshoeing, sledding and snow angels!

Anonymous said...

I love this hat,but I dont think Alice is too keen on it!!!! Love Gran xxxx